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Re-ignite your Passion. 
Retire on Your Own Terms.

About the Framework

I’ve called my framework ATHLETES UNBOUND because it’s about removing those limitations – either physical or mental – and getting you to reach your performance potential. And we do this by understanding that you are more than an athlete, you’re a Whole Person.


You need a care team that sees you as that whole person and who can help take care of your health with all of your goals in mind. Working together, you’ll gain an understanding of what you need for your body to keep going; decrease injury-risk or prevent acute injuries from becoming chronic problems. You’ll develop the proper lifestyle habits you can use and take with you on and off the stage, re-establishing your passion and retiring on your own terms.


I deliver injury care, pain management and nutritional optimization tools that are sustainable and avoid the use chronic medications; instead we’ll use NSF safe for sport products, energetic and physical medicines and lifestyle habit changes. I’m here for you long-term from the studio to that main stage and beyond.


Let’s Work Together

The goal is to target all of your core pillars of health and make sure we address your chief concerns while also building healthy habits. The guide goes through the core pillars of health that have been identified in the Unbound framework. Most conditions feed into one of these areas each will addressed. 

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Athletes Unbound Guide to Success

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