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We believe that our performers deserve the same support and care that all athletes have helping them reach their highest potential.

With the right knowledge, health team and support system, dancers have the power to exceed their highest limits. When you feel great, you produce great things and bring joy to the world.

There is a shift coming in the way of thinking

With the boom of dance shows and expectations for exceptional dancers getting higher every year, young performers are having to put their bodies through intense training just to be able to keep up! Technique class alone doesn’t cut it anymore and performers all around are looking for ways to improve their skills. We’re seeing it more and more: dancers posting about nutrition, seeing different body types and studios encouraging dance fitness. All of this is bringing everyone to the same conclusion:

Dancers are athletes and they need to start training as such.

If you only take one lesson away, it’s this:

How you train is important, and can get as intense as any athlete or sports team out there…

You are in the Right Place If...

You want to be a stronger dancer and improve your technique

You want to learn about how to take care of yourself holistically (sleep, mental health, nutrition, etc.)

You feel the pressure of solo practices and need extra support

You want to feel like your best self in the studio, on stage, and everyday!

This isn't for you yet if...

You feel like you have all the knowledge you need to succeed in your performance

You are comfortable with your habits and the results they give

You are a solo artist and not looking for group or a community to grow with

Enter into

the era...

of the artistic athlete

Feel confident in your abilities and what your body can do

Know the steps to prevent injury and stay safe while dancing

Understand the importance of your health and how it moves you


Dance energetically across the room again!

Supporting your dancing with additional training and nutrition can seriously improve your energy, injury recovery and overall mood. Not only would this benefit your time in the studio, but outside the studio as well, helping you grow and become the amazing person you know you can be. I know how much you love to dance and that your life wouldn’t be the same without it, but don’t risk letting it ruin you. You don’t have to be alone trying to just survive; be in a community that understands the dance world and wants you to thrive within it. See this as your safe haven to improve your health without the fear of being told to stop doing what you love.

 Pain doesn’t have to be the “Badge of Honour” you think it does  

Unleash your performance potential and get that extra edge you've been looking for

Our Mission: 

From Studio to Stages --- From Playgrounds to Podiums --- From Fear to Freedom

To inspire dancers and performing athletes to pursue their dreams while living a holistic lifestyle. We want to make sure you stay healthy while you stay fit and decrease body stress to restore the energy so you can keep doing the things you want to do, let alone what you need to do

"...dancers are clearly athletes in the degree to which they require sophisticated physical capacities to perform at a high level..."

- Russel (2013), Journal of Sports Medicine

There is power in health autonomy and with the right guidance and training, you can control your health and retire on your own terms. The best way to take back control of your health is to understand the body you live in, treat it holistically and be connected with its every process. Improving the health and wellness of performers by shifting their mindset to care for their bodies as athletes do can help guide them transform their training habits, performance and overall lives.

You can get back to doing what you love most and feel powerful and incredible on stage. Make it feel as easy as it looks on stage!

So what are you waiting for?

Dreams 2.JPG

If I knew then what I know now...

Because your body is the most important piece of equipment you have and deserves to be taken care of: body, mind and spirit. If you are taken care of, you can do what you love to inspire others to do what they love - art is necessary in the world to continue to make it beautiful, so we need to take care of the artists. Remove the old dogma of living through pain and take care of yourself and your health to prep for retirement or life after performance

About the Programs


Building Better, Stronger and Pain Free Dancers - the Healthy Way


Still have questions? Let's talk about it!

Alignment Call

Custom Curriculum Programming

Ask us about our Performers Unbound curriculum program designed with your specific Team or Studio in mind! This program is designed for dancers of all ages to learn about their health and understand how it benefits both their technique and how to stay healthy outside the studio. We’re already starting to see a shift in the attitudes of dancers, understanding the importance of fitness, nutrition and mental health - so let’s keep that momentum going!

Onsite workshops and seminars can be requested and cater to your specific sport or activity​:

  • Dancers

  • Varsity Athletes

  • Recreational 

  • Competitive 


Meet Dr. Bourne, ND, B.KIN, CISSN

Taking dancers and athletes from underfueled and overworked to strong confident & injury free; making their performance feel as effortless as it looks

As a dancer myself, I understand the importance of maintaining my body and mental health in order to be my strongest and dance safely in the studio. Learning about nutrition and fitness in school really helped me appreciate the value of these topics and how much they influenced my injury care, stress management and just overall wellbeing. That's why I want to share what I've learnt over my 10+ years of education and 20+ years of dancing with any dancer that comes my way! It's important for them to have someone who can hear them out and help improve their physical and mental performance so they can be stronger and healthier outside the studio too. I am here to support dancers' training, catering to their specific needs, and be a member of their health team. It’s a goal of mine to introduce these principles and what I’m teaching dancers at all levels because, well,  I know what we dancers go through, and it's not only about benefiting their health, but bringing back that passion and love for dance again!

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ND Bourne


*Please contact to set up a workshop for your team

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