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Helping dancers and athletes understand their bodies so they go from underfueled and overworked to strong and confident, and injury-free

What is Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine focuses on going deeper into your condition and getting to the root of the problem. This practice of medicine is helping the body to train to better take care of itself. We are looking to rebuild the body from the bottom up and become more efficient with its rehabilitation. An emphasis is put on nutrition and lifestyle adjustments to help improve your overall quality of life and resolve conditions, whether they are musculoskeletal, systemic or mental-emotional. Naturopathic medicine works with both acute and chronic conditions, and practitioners work together with you using naturopathic principles with the goal of you leaving feeling better and having more control over your own health.

Clinical Focus & Areas of Interest





Athletes Unbound Video

The Unbound Experience

Clinical Nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Medical Acupuncture

Physical Medicines

Exercise Prescription


Lifestyle Counselling

Functional Lab testing


Botanical medicine


Athletes Unbound Health Optimization

Give your athletes a better understanding of  how their body fuels. This offer will allow us to work more closely together with your personalized plan. A personalized workbook is created after the initial consultation where we assess your concerns and any recommended testing. Monthly check-ins help you stay on track with your goals , with an emphasis on nutritional consultation and holistic healing.


Athletes Unbound Injury Recovery & Health Optimization

Your injury will not stop you from your goals. This offer is the most hands-on within the naturopathic treatment plan. A personalized workbook is created after the initial consultation where we assess your concerns and any recommended testing. Weekly visits including physical therapies are used as you recover from your injury followed by monthly check-ins to help you stay on track with your goals, emphasizing  nutritional consultation and holistic healing.

Complimentary Consultation

Still have questions? Get to know the process! Book a free 15minute Alignment Call to learn more about how we will work together. There is no commitment and no charge, just gaining information.

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Get in control of the inflammatory response. Whether it's causing pain, swelling or your moves feeling heavy, decreasing inflammation in the body can help. 

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Our body is made up of systems of hormones. Balancing these out makes sure everything is listening, from sleep, to hunger, to stress and more. 

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Sports nutrition is key for performance and recovery. More important is how your body absorbs it. What's the point of eating healthy if your body can't use it?

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No matter what skill you are trying to develop, the rule of thumb is to always go back to the basics. That’s the same when we think about keeping our bodies healthy.  

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