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Acupuncture has gained strong popularity in the past 10 years and is one of the primary alternative medicine modalities used, especially for pain management. Traditionally, the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are used, looking at the meridians of the body with the purpose of balancing the energies of yin and yang. A full history is taken to determine pathology pattern and a TCM acupuncture protocol is given using points that are more widespread on the body.


Botanical Medicine is the study of plants and their medicinal properties. This can come is a variety of forms, most commonly in either teas, tinctures or salves. These are used in more acute situations to help support the system as we work towards lifestyle changes and optimum health.

Clinical Nutrition takes a deeper dive into what foods are best for the individual body. A thorough assessment of the diet is done to see which paradigm is best suited to optimize health, either acutely or long term. Additional nutrients outside of foods, such as (but not limited to) supplemental vitamins and minerals can be used to support dietary restrictions or limitations that cannot be easily obtained through foods alone.

Functional Lab Testing involves various tests of bodily fluids and assessments to get a more comprehensive overview of the patients health status. The tests done are chosen based on the patients' symptom picture and current health status. The results are necessary to help guide treatment and help both the patient and practitioner understand how symptoms are developing. For the healthy individual, basic functional testing provides a baseline picture, which can help to monitor health and support prevention of disease.

Homeopathy is the study of medicine following the principles of "like cures like" developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. On the surface you are given a sugar pellet, or water, that contains the properties of matter matching the patient's symptom picture. What this does is work on a deeper energetic level to fight against disease. This is a safe, non-invasive method of care that believes in the body's power to cure itself. 

Hydrotherapy is commonly used in cases of injury healing or cardiovascular promotion. Water can be used in its various forms to improve the flow of the body and support the function of many organ systems. Commonly used in practice, the contrast of hot and cold will help to boost circulation & immune health. This is also a method that is simple enough to do outside of the office as well.

Injection Therapy includes intramuscular injections. The most common injection is Vitamin B12. This method is beneficial when there is the requirement for more intensive therapies. Especially if there are concerns with absorption through the gastrointestinal system, intramuscular injections prove to be a quick and efficient way to restore nutritional balance.

IV therapies: Intravenous Injection Therapy (IVIT) is a key way to streamline nutrition right into the bloodstream. This safe and minimally invasive in-office service involves a customized solution filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and/or other nutrients combined together into a "cocktail" that gets injected directly into your vein. This is best suited for those who are having trouble absorbing nutrients from food through the stomach. It is used as a combination therapy with lifestyle changes and for those looking to get a quick boost. Common IVIT cocktail solutions prepared are used to support energy, immune health and performance optimization.

Laser Therapy can be provided to support inflammation from chronic pain. The laser is a combination of infrared and visible red light which penetrates through the superficial layers of the dermis. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) helps stimulate the cells healing by oxygen metabolism and ATP production. LLLT is commonly used together with nutritional and supportive therapies to treat arthritic and inflammatory processes.

Lifestyle Counselling involves open-ended interviewing and discussions about habits, hobbies and of course, nutrition. An important aspect of maintaining optimal health is making sure not to continuously fall into the old habits that led to disease in the first place. Through counselling, a manageable plan will be created so that healthy lifestyle choices can be sustained long term. Each individual is unique, and so the changes implemented will reflect that and ensure attainable goals are made. Creating these goals together will build autonomy, and allow for some accountability to make sure the patient stays on the desired track.

Massage/ Cupping is commonly used as a muscle relaxation or pain management modality. Various massage techniques and tools other than the hands are used e.g., Graston tool, myofascial release, etc. Cupping is a technique from traditional Chinese medicine practices which is done either by static and mobile cupping. The cups work by suctioning the skin and pulling circulation close to the surface in order to release tightness between the fascia layers beneath, allowing new blood to flow.

Meal Planning & Recipes are important aspects in any persons' health plan. Together, we will look at the different meal paradigms that are available - intermittent fasting, paleo, Mediterranean, vegan, etc., - and discuss the best meal choices for you. There is no "one-size-fits-all" diet; depending on your specific needs at any given time your nutrient requirements will be unique to you. The goal is to look at your meal plan holistically and help make sure that it is balanced and benefiting all aspects of your health.

Personal Training & Exercise Prescription is our way of adding in more movement into your daily life; a simple therapy that can be implemented in your own time and in whatever space you have available. Depending on your health concerns and therapy goals, we are able to prescribe for you the most effective exercises to help improve strength, mobility and endurance.


Physical Medicines range from manual to machine-assisted, such as ultrasound and electro-stimulation. Physical medicine techniques are commonly sought after in sports medicine cases for both injury rehabilitation and joint maintenance. Proper orthopedic assessments are done to diagnose your concerns and determine what the best physical approach will be for your care. The techniques are used in combination with massage techniques as they compliment each other well in treatment plans. Naturopathic doctors are also trained in spinal manipulation, and can perform low amplitude thrusts when indicated.


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