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Naturohaven Heights:

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Network

Building Better Health. Together

Naturohaven Heights is the online neighbourhood designed to encourage people to learn about naturopathic medicine, whether it is here online, or at an event hosted in your local neighbourhood! We are here to teach the public more about what naturopathic medicine is and where it fits into your health journey. With this knowledge Naturohaven allows individuals to easily find naturopathic doctors with a focus that meets their specific needs.

As an events and practice management company, Naturohaven partners with local healthcare providers in order to share their focuses with the neighbourhoods that they live in and care for. Naturohaven will also allow NDs throughout the varying communities to network and connect with each other, all in the spirit of providing the best and most educated care for their patients.

Incentives for joining:

For the Public:

  • Easy navigation to find the Naturopathic Doctor that fits your needs
  • Free community events - get to know the health teams around you
  • A fun, friendly and accessible place to learn more about what Naturopathic Medicine is and the many benefits to care

For the Practitioner:

  • Linking with other healthcare practitioners of similar focus and in your community

  • Keeping up to date on emerging evidence-based medicine research

  • Member exclusive webinars and events & learning forums

  • Networking: public events to promote your practice/research

  • Practitioner Spotlight of the Month

Check out the Naturohaven website HERE





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