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It's not about looking athletic...
It's about BEING athletic!

Learn the skills you need to support your health as an athlete so you can keep up your performance and retire on your own terms

It's not just about being the best athlete anymore, you want to be healthy

I grew up in an athletic family and we excelled at getting to practices on time, managing school, work and still performing at our best in our sport. Every time I think about how I grew up dancing and playing soccer, I wish I'd had someone on my side to help me think about my health off the field and outside the studio. The health issues I've run into as an adult are a product of the culture and lifestyle of an athlete and that is NOT what I want for the next generation. Beyond having the stamina and nutrition to perform, I want to have strong bones and a body that functions how its supposed to. I want to keep moving well into my old age

and I'm sure you do to.



You have a stubborn chronic injury preventing you from being at your best & you're done with it holding you back.

Being told to stop playing is a common line you hear when injured, but I know you're not ready to hang up your equipment just yet. Whether you're a regular weekend warrior, or just getting back to to it after an injury, let's make sure to put all the steps in place so that you keep your body going (or at least know how you'll be able to keep going without making it worse...)

You've plateaued and it's a struggle to get out of bed or to practice after your long work day. After you've tried everything, understanding any deficiencies you might have could be the key to getting you back to your best self


You're dealing with low energy and fatigue no matter how hard you try to get rid of it


You’ve run into some other issues lowering your health and don’t know how it got this bad

Can't sleep? Acne issues? IBS or constipation? Just because you're a life-long athlete, it doesn't mean that digestion or PCOS doesn't affect you. Health issues can be a vital sign pointing to how your body is doing or a lifestyle imbalance that can be holding you back. You owe it to yourself and your performance to get it on track

You know there is more to life than what you do on the field or in the studio. If you're looking for that balance in your life and how to have FUN with your health (instead of it feeling like it a chore to manage), then you're in the right place


You want that holistic approach to your care & are willing to put in the work to see & feel the results on and off the field

Your body should not only be fit, it should be FUNCTIONAL

Athletes Unbound Video

Naturopathic Medicine helps connect everything together

Naturopathic Medicine focuses on going deeper into your health and getting to the root of holistic living. It teaches you to better understand your body and how it can take care of itself naturally. An emphasis is put on nutrition and lifestyle adjustments to improve your overall quality of life and manage health concerns, whether it’s muscle and joint pain, hormone imbalances, digestion issues or mental-emotional concerns. Naturopathic doctors work together with you, with the goal of you leaving feeling better and having more control over your health.

Take care of the HUMAN behind the ATHLETE


Your Key Pillars to Optimal Health  & Performance:


Your body needs to know how to move, through all its ranges to prevent injury and optimize performance. It's important to understand where strength and endurance training fits into your routine and how it optimizes your performance goals.


I can't talk enough about this missing link. Making sure you are eating properly for your activity level will be the difference between feeling strong and energetic throughout your day or sitting on the sidelines exhausted and injured.


There is a culture of comparison in all sport and sometimes judgement and overwhelm stall our progress. Understanding how to re-wire your thinking and confidently move your body is a skill that takes time, but make a world of difference.


It’s not only about what you are putting into your body, but how your body is using it. Making sure your systems can properly absorb nutrients and eliminate waste is key to efficient functioning and creating balance. Your ability to digest and detox impacts how well your body produces hormones, manages energy, builds muscle and so much more.

Design the holistic athlete lifestyle that supports your physical and mental health while still pursuing your performance goals: 

  • Easily going beyond the capacity of what is considered normal

  • Being active without increasing injury risks or chronic pains

  • Knowing what foods can help with performance optimizing long term health

  • Having a body that feels young so you can have fun with your future kids

"I truly believe that there is a way to live holistically while still maintaining your athletic lifestyle and performance goals. You are more than just an athlete – you are a whole person and deserve someone one who can support your health in that way. With the proper guidance, you'll be able to push beyond limits you didn’t even know existed"

Dr. Nana-Adjoa Bourne, ND

Programs & Services

Clinical Nutrition

IV Vitamin Therapies

Sports Acupuncture

Massage/ Cupping

Lifestyle Counselling

Functional Lab Testing

Injection Therapies

Botanical medicine

Unbound Lifestyle Program

Giving you a better understanding of  how your body fuels to maintain health in performance and in life. This offer allows us to work closely together to achieve physical balance while improving your physique. A customized care plan is created after the initial health assessment addressing your concerns and any recommended testing. Bi-weekly health coaching sessions are available to help you stay on track with your goals.

Unbound Performance & Recovery Program

Your injury will not stop you from your goals. This program is designed for when you are preparing for an upcoming competition or recovering from a recent injury. A recovery care plan is created after your initial assessment including physical therapies, IV or vitamin injection therapies. Strategy check-ins are included to help you stay on track with your goals, emphasizing nutritional consultation, building strength and competition preparation techniques.

Get Started with your Health Assessment

An initial health assessment, including health history, lifestyle habits and possible lab testing

Individualized care plan catered to your concerns with program recommendations


1-Before the Visit

You will be given an in depth intake form to fill out. This will include discussing what your goals are and important health information I need to know before we get started

3-Labs & Testing

After getting all the necessary and relevant information, we'll go through relevant exams and order lab work to tie together your symptoms with any physical or objective findings before getting to your treatment plan.

2-Initial Assessment

In the initial health assessment, we will take a full look at your concerns and overall health. We don't only address your chief concern, but your full health history and anything else that you want to discuss. We'll set some goals together about how best to approach each one. 

4-Your Care Plan

Your care is a process, so not all conditions will be resolved after the first visit, or even the first week. Don't worry - you won't leave empty handed - we'll get started on the right track before following up with a full plan and the steps to follow.

Let's learn what your options are

Making your health fun and easy to understand is the best way to make it sustainable and have you actually wanting to focus on it. You'll keep seeing those positive results that translate into amazing performances - bringing back the fun and reminding you why you love it so much.

So ask yourself: Don’t you want it to be fun again?


Then let’s do this.

Join the Unbound Community


Become Optimized in your performance and health. Sign up for a resource of health and wellness tools to be used with life long athletes in mind. Find video tutorials, meal ideas and tips on supporting your health as you pursue your performance goals. Prepare for this resource to be your partner in understanding how to stay healthy throughout your lifetime.

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