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Developing Healthy Athletes and their Families

​I know it's common to have some worries and doubts when it comes to competing at a high level, whether you, reader, are a parent, coach or the athlete yourself. Some common one's I've heard? There's doubt when first doing a new, risky maneuver, lots of travel interferes with sleep or work, not eating the right foods, and most importantly, that injury just keeps flaring up, even at a young age; and everyone is just hoping that it doesn't become chronic...​


​Being an athlete or performer involves so much more than training the physical body and practices. There is not information out that teaches you what you can be eating to stay healthy and ways to manage your chronic injuries that might take away from your stage time or the doubts you might feel when first getting onto the floor. As in-love with your passion as you are, it's important to think of the whole person and make sure you are as healthy as possible - mind, body and spirit - and a big part of that is preventing injuries in the first place! I know, pain has become such a normal part of sports and performance culture... but it doesn't have to be!

What does it mean to perform unbound?

Female Performer

I've Been There...

I've been involved in sports and performing arts since I was 4 years old. Ballet was my main style, but I've dabbled in jazz, hip hop and ballroom. I was also involved in piano lessons as a child and in high school, I played the flute, loved drama class and was a member of our concert choir - needless to say, I'm a performer through and through. I know what it's like to love the rush of the stage more than anything else and how devastating it is to have to miss class because your body is just not co-operating with you! But also, with my education, I now know how important it is to listen when your body is telling you about pain, and how taking care of yourself will keep you performing that much longer! I stayed active through university and beyond, but as I started to slow down I noticed the shifts: gaining weight, having the mind of a dancer, but not the same amount of skill, readjusting my schedule to do work in daylight hours! It was an adjustment, and I'm lucky to still be able to enjoy my passions as much as I do! I know what it takes to make this transition, and if you're not there yet, how to make sure you can keep going until you are!

What do you want to achieve?

Improve skill and understand the extra benefits that will help you avoid the plateau and put you over the top

Better Performance

Support your healing from the inside-out and learn techniques and nutrients needed to decrease risk of re-injury

Injury Recovery

Overcome self-doubt and anxious thoughts while learning how to cope with good and bad stressors

Stress Management

Get on top of the eating habits and your digestion that leaves you feeling sluggish, low mood and with no energy

Digestion Health

Make sure your hormones support your health in the right ways and help you grow towards your goals

Hormone Control

Whether it's emotional support or guidance with nutrition and supplements, having a helping hand is never a bad thing!

General Support

Get rid of the brain fog and gain back your focus. Whether it's post-concussive or chronic, mental clarity is always clutch!

Mental Clarity


Performance Health Programs 


Naturopathic Medicine 

Together, we will...

1. Learn how to on prepare your body to manage the risk of chronic injuries.

​2. Develop your self-esteem, so your doubts and fears won't get the best of you.

3. Understand the necessary steps to stay healthy while striving for your goal  – whether that’s the stage or the studio.

4. Offer you that sense of community and someone on your health team that let's you feel supported as you reach new heights.

Understand your body.

Feel stronger.

Reach your performance potential.

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