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I have a passion for allowing the profession of Naturopathic Medicine to thrive. Part of being able to see that through is making sure our students feel confident entering the workforce. Apart from the knowledge and education it takes in school to learn the material, these students need the support and understanding of what they can accomplish with this degree. This Centre is here to make sure they do.

Study Materials

Prepare for the Exams (CONO)

In this section, I discuss what it took to pass the CONO Registration Exams to actually be able to call myself an ND in the province of Ontario. It can be overwhelming thinking about all the material you have to know if a short window of time. I remember the stress and want to decrease that as much as possible. I've made this video accessible so students know where to even start with their study preparations and be on the best track to pass the exams when they sit to write them.

Study Materials

Study for the Exams (CONO)

Studying for any exam can be overwhelming, and figuring out where to start is probably the most stressful thing. There are many different resources available to study for the NPLEX exams, but the CONO exams are still relatively new. While the material can translate and the learning blueprints are similar for both examining bodies, its nice to know your materials have been made specifically for the exam you are writing.

Biomedical processes tend to be consistent no matter what type of medicine you are studying, so resources can be standardized. In Naturopathic medicine, we have so many modalities and such a different way of thinking, it's important to have a resource that supports that and can give you the proper information - for the exam and beyond.

I dedicated many of my study hours to putting this resource together and making sure it was up to date with the latest blueprint for the CONO Clinical exam. Now, I'm making it available to you - so you don't have to spend all those hours preparing it. Instead, you can dedicate your time to learning.

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