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Epigenetic Meal Paradigms - Diets around the World

We know the health benefits related to the Mediterranean diet. They have been well researched and well documented. However, in other areas of the world, foods that are more prominent in the Mediterranean diet are not always very easily accessible in other parts of the world. With that notion, it is also erroneous to say that those who do not follow this diet in other parts of the world are not health. As healthcare providers that are looking to be more diversely accommodating and promoting optimal health for the individual, it is our duty to ensure that the diet we are recommending is the best for that particular person.

We know from health outcomes that certain health conditions are more prevalent in certain ethnic groups and your genetics will predispose you to one condition more than another. Why might this not be the same with your diet? There is a field dedicated towards relating nutrition to your genetic map - Nutrigenomics - and I would like to adopt this field to help with my research to find best foods for specific ethnic groups.

Phase 1:

what is a typical and/or healthy diet in one region. What is the picture of health/ mortality rates in that region?

Phase 2:

Looking towards immigrants: when you move to another country, you are not only accommodating to a new environment, but a new way of life and native foods. However, your system might not be able to accommodate it as well - think adaptation and evolution of your genetics. 

a) are they still eating their native diet or a north american diet

b) how has their health changed since immigrating

c) how many generations has their family been in this immigrated country? Has that had an impact on their health? - this looks into hereditary conditions, and not only one's genes, but their epigenetics as well.

Natural Health and Events Internationally

Turning Nissuy House (my mother's old home in Ghana) into an Events, Entertainment and a Health Space. With the # of rooms, we can create guest rooms (maybe even themed), and convert some to a natural health space/ spa. The kitchen is big enough to be able to create a restaurant kitchen, and we would be able to make the outdoor area into an outdoor entertainment space to host concerts and performances). There is also a pool that can be remodeled/renewed to be functional again. It is suggested that the "servants quarters" would be torn down completely and we would either rebuild from scratch, or we can convert it to a forest.

Step 1 would be to find investors for this project and look into family contribution. Nissuy house belongs to grandma - we would have to look into how much it would cost to either buy the property ownership fully from grandma or ask mom's siblings if they would FAIRLY be willing to contribute, or else be bought out of their inheritance.

I've thought about contacting HGTV and house flippers on that channel to help. I'm also going to look into black-owned investors. Mom has ideas about what to do with Nissuy house. She has not yet shared them with me. To be determined what she comes up with

Naturopathic Dancers

 Athletes are a group that are notorious for avoiding healthcare professionals for fear of being told they can no longer train; dancers are no exception. Even more so, there are few practitioners that know the rigor and athleticism that goes into dance training. Since it is common for dancers and athletes to start their training at a young age, it is also common for them to grow up with bad habits that lead to poor health and more injuries.

My mission is to ensure that dancers start thinking about proper training and nutrition at a young age. The main objectives will be to help them understand that by paying attention to not only how they move, but also how they fuel their bodies, they will be stronger, healthier and less prone to injury.  Ultimately, this means they will get to dance more - which is really what it's all about anyways. 

Movement Medicine - from Rec to Elite to Masters to Movement Disorders

- learning about Sports Medicine and the role Naturopathic Medicine would play in Sport/Performance Medicine

- Recreational Athletes

- Elite Athletes

- Master Athletes

- Motor Dysfunctions

- Performing Artists

- pre-season nutrition and training

- in-season maintenance

- injury prevention

- injury recovery/rehabilitation

Naturohaven Heights is an incentive to allow Naturopathic doctors to share with their communities their clinical focuses and what an ND can do to help. It is a way of marketing naturopathic medicine to the public and making it easier for individuals to find an ND with their specific health needs in mind.

What's involved:

- Educating on what is naturopathic medicine

- Traveling talks and community events

- Sponsored events to promote naturopathic clinics

- High school and University seminars
- Networking opportunities

- Building Holistic Health teams


Check out the page here


Complementary Alternative Medicine approaches to neurological conditions and treatments

- Concussions

- Parkinson's disease

- Alzheimer's /Dementia

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Migraines

- Etc.

Nephrology and Dialysis

Researching nephrology and naturopathic approaches to treating conditions, including both pharmaceutical and natural cocktails that can be used with dialysis machines











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