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Performers Unbound


Monthly Webinar Series

Parents, I see you... With all that goes into taking care and priming a young athlete – driving to practice, cooking meals at home, making sure your child stays on top of their homework, paying for lessons, driving to out-of-city competitions, organizing practice times –it can be a lot to handle alone.

You shouldn't have to feel overwhelmed when caring for your high-achieving children, and your athletes deserve to be well equipped to pursue their performance goals on their terms.

I’m here supporting you by giving you and your family the foundational tools needed to succeed and develop healthy habits from the start. By the time your athlete is old enough to go off on their own, they know exactly what to eat to feel good, what signs to look out for if they get hurt and when to take a break because their body needs it.

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  • 8 Modules of Holistic Foundations​

  • Monthly Online Video Lessons

  • Monthly Live Q&A for your questions

  • Healthy resources library created for you

  • Community Forums to build a support network

My vision is to have a program that helps to inspire young dancers and kids in the sport and performing arts industries to pursue their dreams and be healthy while doing it. I don't want anyone feeling held back by injury or the fear of not being able to sustain their bodies.

Performers Unbound Cirriculum
This series is designed to educate dancers ages 13+ and their families to learn about their health, understand how it benefits both their technique, mentality and overall performance. Whether you are transitioning into pre-professional or stepping towards recreational classes, having these foundations will help make the transition that much easier.


Month 1

Food as Fuel for Physical Activity

Month 5

Micronutrients and their Benefits

Month 2

Water and Proper Hydration

Month 6

 Strength & Conditioning

Month 3

Gut Health and the Microbiome

Month 7

Mental Health and Focus on Mindset

Month 4

Hormones and their Influence

Month 8

Maintenance and Managing Off-Season

Most importantly, I want them to feel empowered, gain a sense of autonomy and a better understanding of their bodies and mind. By the end of the program, these young athletes will know that with the right guidance and care, they can be limitless.


This is the first time this group is being run. That means a one-time special offer is available to those amazing high-achievers who sign up. All Access and Custom Designs

This program will be made for YOU and what YOU want. Of course, there are units and monthly themes (outlined above), but being part of this beta group means your specific questions will be taken and answered  with the content created.

  • You will get to have custom resources created for you and accessible in the resource library I develop. 

  • You will get to decide the direction of the group discussions

  • You will get me supporting you and your family for the entire 8 months of this program - and beyond.


If this sounds like something you want, then act fast! This offer and price will only be offered for this first round.


I can't wait to work with you!

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