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Holistic Health... but make it FUN

Optimizing your health and performance while building the body you want. This membership is a resource of health and wellness tools to be used with active women, performers and artistic athletes in mind. Find video tutorials, meal ideas and tips on supporting your health as you pursue your performance goals. This growing resource will be your partner in understanding how to stay healthy.

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About Optimized

It's not just about building your health, but it's about making sure you're having FUN building the lifestyle you want for yourself. We're giving you to the tools to build the body you need so you can have the body you want. We're all about experiences here, so let's experience a healthy and holistic active lifestyle together.

What You Get:

Video Tutorials

Learn how best to support your health and performance with educational how-to's and product reviews

Food & Meal Ideas

Knowing sports nutrition is a key pillar to a holistic athlete's lifestyle. Get inspiration for meal ideas and how to incorporate them into your daily living.

Health Guidance

We care about your health while you pursue performance. Understand the science that goes into being a healthy artist


  • Monthly webinars educating you on how to apply health principles without sacrificing FUN or compromising fitness and performance

  • Group Forums and a community who also care about building their holistic lifestyle and performance

  • FREE access to Unbound Basics Health Foundations course for implementing healthy habits at home

  • Access to holistic events, discounts and getaways

I truly believe there is a way to maintain your high performance or athletic lifestyle, while still taking care of your body holistically. The goal is to make your life and performance feel as effortless you make it look.

Dance Practice

Unbound Optimized Membership



Every month

Valid until canceled

Monthly Webinars

Meal Plans and Recipies

Exercise Plans and Workout videos

Checklist and Self-Assessments

Wellness Event Discounts


Want a quick peak?

Basics Course

Get started with learning about the fundamental pillars and health foundations that are used to create a holistic lifestyle. What are the factors that can be addressed in your home life and how do you know when the best time is to seek additional help? Sometimes, it's as easy as starting at home before diving deeper. This Basics to Become Unbound course gives you that starting point to understand where you need to go for your health and perforance to be effortless.

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