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Live Effortlessly as an Athletic Performer

It's time to starting thinking like an athlete, but one that understands living holistically is the key to feeling like your best self.


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Unlike most people think, being a performer and athlete doesn't always mean living the best lifestyle. As much as you love it, it can really take a toll on the body, but it doesn't have to, and here's a place to start! It takes effort to be effortless, but that doesn't mean it has to be complicated. This checklist is designed to give you some straight-forward at-home habits that you can do to start taking care of the human side behind the dedicated athlete that you are.

In this handout, you'll get:


The mindset shift that is coming into the performing arts & athletic industries


7 basic at-home habits you can adopt now to live a more holistic lifestyle


A place to start on your journey towards embracing your effortless performance


Meet Dr. Bourne ND, CISSN

Taking dancers and athletes from underfueled and overworked to strong confident & injury free; making their performance feel as effortless as it looks


As a dancer myself, I understand the need to maintain my body and mental health in order to be my strongest and dance safely in the studio. Learning about nutrition and fitness helped me appreciate their value and how much they influenced my injury care, stress management and just overall wellbeing. That's why I want to share what I've learnt over my 10+ years of education with any dancer that comes my way! I am here to support dancers' training, catering to their specific needs, and be a member of their health team. It’s a goal of mine to introduce what I’m teaching dancers at all levels because, well,  I know what we dancers go through, and it's not only about benefiting their health, but also bringing back their love of dancing again! 

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