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Having Fun
without compromising your health 

Theses events are here to show you that it IS possible to have fun while also making sure you are staying on track with your health. Even if you go extreme (or extravagant) in one area, it is all about balancing out, knowing your limits and planning out your weekend activities so you can have fun doing it all. This is what you and your group are going to experience.

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Unbound Retreats

A weekend in your city

Great for:

  • Birthdays
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Corporate Bonding Retreats

  • Weekend “Getaway”

As someone who cares about your health, you should not have to sacrifice how you are having fun in order to maintain your body, performance and health goals. Over the weekend, you will have the opportunity to experience fun in health and understand how to incorporate what is learnt into your lifestyle habits, whether it’s tweaking habits to compensate for the weekend or how you form new health habits to keep the party going into our daily life. Most importantly, you will get an experience worth remembering for you and your group.

Upcoming Events

No events at the moment

A Sample Itinerary

Bachelorette Sample Itinerary.png

Friday Evening

  • Getting started

  • Meet up and get settled in accommodations

Saturday Morning

  • Physical Activity Event

Saturday Afternoon​

  • Wellness Relaxation Event

  • Wellness Workshop

Saturday Evening 

  • Social Outing at Restaurant or Bar

Sunday morning

  • Event Wrap up

*event catered meals included

Plan your own custom Retreat

How it works

Plan your own custom group event

When you book your call:

  • 30min consultation to determine what to include in your Experience

  • Friday evening to Sunday morning

  • Meal plan and catered meals 

  • Accommodations to fit your event 

  • Groups of up to 20 people

  • $200 deposit on booking 

  • Invoice delivered and billed within 5 business days of event end

  • Weekend retreats are typically booked 1-3 months in advance in order to give time for planning and venue booking

  • For events with less than 1 month planning, please contact immediately

Join the Unbound Community


Become Optimized in your performance and health. This membership is a resource of health and wellness tools to be used with dancers, performers and artistic athletes in mind. Find video tutorials, meal ideas and tips on supporting your health as you pursue your performance goals. This growing resource will be your partner in understanding how to stay healthy

  • Video Tutorials

  • Health Resources

  • Meal Plans & Recipes

  • ... and much more

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