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Meet Nana-Adjoa Deanna, B.KIN, CISSN

As a dancer myself, I understand the importance of maintaining my body and mental health in order to be my strongest and dance safely in the studio. Learning about nutrition and fitness in school really helped me appreciate the value of these topics and how much they influenced my injury care, stress management and just overall wellbeing. That's why I want to share what I've learnt over my 10+ years of education with any dancer that comes my way! It's important for them to have someone who can hear them out and help improve their physical and mental performance so they can be stronger and healthier outside the studio too. I am here to support dancers' training, catering to their specific needs, and be a member of their health team. It’s a goal of mine to introduce these principles and what I’m teaching dancers at all levels because, well,  I know what we dancers go through, and it would be so beneficial for their health and, also, enjoyment of dancing again!