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Diet Diary Template: Get a handle on your eating habits

A common tool I use at the beginning of the Health Assessment phase I go through with clients in our Health Programs is looking at the patterns they have in their life, especialy patterns with eating habits. Many people aren't actually aware of what they are putting into their body on a daily basis, and even less make the connection between what they eat and how they feel or how their body is functioning.

Using a diet diary to track your meals as well as other habits makes you more aware of how you are operating through life. Whether that is skipping meals, eating small portions or loving all the sweets on the nights and weekends, this can also impact how you perform on a daily basis, at work, or in the studio.

Diet Diary_fillable
Download PDF • 210KB

You can use this tool to track your meals for 7 days, including snacks, drinks, exercise and bowel movements. This is an exercise to become more aware of your eating habits, and learn how to better read what your body is telling you.

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